Emily Wilding Davison's Birthday

Emily Wilding Davison

Emily Wilding Davison was born on 11th Oct 1872, she was one of the most famous suffragettes – she defied the odds many times, she stood up for what she believed in, even when women could not gain a degree from Oxford University, her result exam result was a first class honours. Emily believed in the rights of women, Victorian society wasn’t the best place for articulate, clever women – in fact any women – to progress. The fact that all woman were denied the right to vote drove her on. Emily had a

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“Loose Women” TV Programme debate – Judy Finnigan

The comments of broadcaster Judy Finnigan in her debut on the TV programme ‘Loose Women’ in relation to a high profile rape case involving a footballer have been criticised by Vera Baird.

The former Richard and Judy star was commenting on the case of footballer Ched Evans who was jailed for five years in 2012 for raping a 19-year-old woman.

The player is preparing to be released from prison and the broadcaster was discussing if he should be allowed to rejoin his club.

Ms Finnigan said he had served his time, the rape was not violent and his victim

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