Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Dame Vera Baird QC responds to reports that Prosecutors have been urged to ditch “weak” rape cases to improve figures.

Dame Vera Baird said “This approach is completely hostile to the principle of access to justice. The point of the CPS is to bring fair prosecutions, not to deliberately avoid bringing them and to abandon hundreds of victims, in order to make their conviction rate look better.

I would be very surprised if there isn’t a judicial review here in the public interest.

If the CPS think that this will make them look better

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Brexit needs the best deal possible, not a no deal!

As the dark nights start to draw in, I think the Prime Minister will be having many dark days – wondering how to control her rebels over Brexit. The government are making a monumental hash up of this process, it is stumbling from crisis to crisis and as they do this they are failing to see the bigger picture and the damage they are doing to communities across our region.

In relation to policing, the Home Secretary needs to get a grip and start ensuring the various vital cooperation tools / mechanisms enabling the UK and the EU police

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Google and others – need to get it right!

It’s of great concern that internet providers such as Google are helping users uncover the identity of rape and sexual assault victims – who by law, have their anonymity protected for life.

Here in the North East, a case involving footballer, Adam Johnson saw his victim named on social media, (at times assisted by Google algorithm which anticipates what a person is looking for) – this is a clear a breach of the law and social media / search engine companies need to be accountable for their actions, they need to be doing far more than they

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Remarkable U-turn forced on government by PCCs.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird, commenting on today’s Spending Review in which the Chancellor agreed to protect police funding in real terms over the next four years said:

“This is a remarkable u turn. Only a few days ago sources close to the Chancellor showed him determined to cut policing by up to 25% again, giving rise to fear that we would lose much of the neighbourhood policing our public values so highly.

“A concerted campaign by police and by Police and Crime Commissioners of both major political parties, heavily supported by the public has made George

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Northumbria receiving national recognition

Special mention was made of the work being undertaken by Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird by the Home Secretary Theresa May at the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners’ Annual Conference in Harrogate.

Mrs May was recognising the work of Commissioners from across England and Wales when she made special mention of the Northumbria Commissioner.

The Home Secretary was talking about engaging with local communities and recognised that Commissioners such as Mrs Baird had raised the profile of the role and shown that they could make a difference.

She said: “As Vera Baird, the Police and Crime

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