Labour Conference 2018 Blog.

It was great to be at Labour Party conference in Liverpool – it’s always good to catch up with old friends, listen to debate and to see CLP delegates from across the country debating Labour Party policy and helping influence our party manifesto that may be needed sooner, rather than later.

Conference once again shows us why we need a Labour government (not just to clean up the mess the Prime Minister is making of Brexit), the Tories are failing hard working families, real wages are still lower than what they were in 2010 and millions of working families

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Assessing the General Election result.

Congratulations to all our MPs who were elected to Parliament last month, I look forward to working with them all to promote Northumbria Police and to lobby further for an open, transparent funding package for Northumbria Police.

A hung Parliament will make the next few years interesting, especially for anyone who thrives on the engine room of politics. I hope a hung parliament will ensure that Theresa May and her government are scrutinised to ensure the best deal possible for policing.

On June 21st we had the Queen’s Speech – with very little in it. It was

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Ed Miliband’s New Year Message

“I want to wish you a very Happy New Year, from my family to yours. This is the season for new beginnings and hopes for the future. And Britain is ready for a new beginning. Because I don’t have to tell you that all over our country today, there are people working harder and harder, but standing still: families struggling with bills that are growing faster than their wages; young people, taking on mountains of debt to get a proper education, only to find themselves with no job at the other end; and an NHS where people are

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